> To provide a safe, caring and stimulating environment for every child in our care.

To ensure this, all staff are trained in the Montessori Method of education and the school will provide stimulating and enjoyable materials for the children to work with. All staff will be made fully aware of health and safety regulations and procedures before they begin work in the school.

> To provide suitable and qualified staff.

All staff will be carefully selected. They will have a recognised Montessori qualification and will have experience in working with children. Staff will be given any training that is required to help them to develop relevant skills, e.g. first-aid or child protection, within their first year.

> To develop positive relationships with parents and carers.

A visit will be organised for parents before the school term starts, allowing parents to view the school and providing an opportunity to ask questions and to meet teachers. We will offer a ‘parent-teacher meeting ’ each year, when parents can discuss any issues or worries they may have, read through their child’s written observations and have a chance to observe their child at work . Parents will receive a parent’s handbook at the start of each year. The parent’s handbook will be reviewed and updated each year and as necessary.

> To provide quality education for all young children in our care.

The school will contain all the Montessori materials required for the appropriate age groups. All staff will be qualified Montessori Teachers. We will provide a broad holistic curriculum. Music will be an integral part of the education in Bambini Montessori School. There will be daily music classes where children will sing, dance, play instruments and will be introduced to different types of music throughout the school year.


We at Bambini Montessori School follow Maria Montessori’s philosophy on education. Every child is different and each child’s individuality is respected. Children are encouraged to be independent through self-correcting materials and by the idea of freedom of choice within limits in the classroom. All children are welcome at Bambini Montessori School regardless of gender, race, religion or ability.