Music Education

It has been proven time and time again that exposure to music at an early age has endless advantages. These benefits continue to astonish people all over the world. I am lucky enough to have experienced first hand the amazing power of music.

Wooden xylophone in a music classroom

Having grown up in a musical family I was exposed to music from a very early age. I sang as a small child and continued to sing in choirs and groups throughout my life, and still do to this day. I feel lucky to have had these experiences and even luckier to be able to pass on my love for music to the children in Bambini Montessori School.

I have taught children’s choirs, individual singing and recorder lessons as well as group music classes for children of all ages over the years and am yet to meet a child that doesn’t respond positively to some form of music. I have worked with children engaging in musical activities from all backgrounds and abilities and love to see the enjoyment that these worthwhile experiences bring to each child and the pride and surprise of their families watching them!

Music can also help children with communication difficulties through movement, singing and playing instruments. I have witnessed the shyest of children standing up in front of a group and singing their favourite song out loud! Music teaches sharing and co-operation, it encourages self-esteem and confidence. Fine and gross motor skills are improved through dancing and playing musical instruments. Speech and language skills are developed while singing and learning the words of a new song. Listening skills, memory and concentration are encouraged through simple aural exercises.

The rich sensory environment created in a music class in Bambini Montessori School gives your child the opportunity to interact, learn, develop confidence, socialise and most of all, have fun!

Music is not an extra-curricular activity in Bambini Montessori School. It is an integral part of our school. Singing and listening to music will take place throughout the day. Our day starts with a welcome song, singing the name of each child. Children love this song as it makes them feel very special when they hear their own name sung. Sometimes the very popular ’Charlie‘ the puppet helps us sing the welcome song!

The children then have their daily music classes during the session. Our music classes involve singing, music and movement, music appreciation, musical instruments, world music, rhythm games, basic music theory, involving the introduction of note names, ta and ti, musical games and much more.

If you would like any further information about music classes in Bambini Montessori please do not hesitate to contact Lucy on 086 0678509 or email