A Day in Bambini

What happens in a Montessori Session?

-Montessori Work Time: individual work with materials, presentations, small group work, painting etc

-Snack Time: hand washing in preparation, gathering snack, eating with friends, listening to music, tidying up, washing face

-Free Play: books, lego, construction, dress-up, jigsaws

-Music Time: singing, music theory, dancing, composers, world music, instruments, musical games and much more (learn more in the music section)

-Garden Time: free play in the garden, digging, bubbles, running, using natural loose objects for imaginary play, sand etc

-Process Art: creating with open-ended materials, group projects and individual art work

-Themes: We have a medium term theme plan which will be posted on the notice board in school. Examples of general themes that we will teach the children about are; Seasons, Festivals, Continents and Our World, but weekly themes are emergent and led by the interests of the children. More information about emergent learning can be found on the school notice board. Themes are taught through small groups and sometimes larger groups. They are always interactive using songs, stories, props, pictures and music.