When we came back from overseas, we began to look for a pre school place for our youngest, John-Jack. We visited a few places which registered above 50% on our satisfaction scale and were still not happy. Then we visited Bambini Montessori. It was brand new and it scored about 130% on the satisfaction scale. I remember thinking “it’s already two weeks into September – we can’t be this lucky – we can’t possibly be finding a place this great this late”. It turned out we were lucky. Lucy had just founded the school and John-Jack ended up being her second student. He loved it and we loved it. Lucy is fantastic, the concept is super and the building and surroundings are just beautiful and original. I also remember thinking “in future years she will have long waiting lists” and it has turned out very quickly to be so. I couldn’t find a single fault – all brilliant – thanks Lucy and good luck!!!

Our youngest daughter Emily spent six fantastic months with Lucy and Clair in Bambini and our only regret is that she wasn’t there for longer. She absolutely loved her time there, and now that she’s well settled into school, she still talks about her time in the beautiful church hall.

From the minute I walked through the door of Bambini one snowy January day, I thought it was a magical place. Lucy obviously loves children and loves teaching them. The pride she takes in what she does is evident in everything she does. Her enjoyment in the development of the children in her care was really wonderful to see and I just wish she had brought her magic to Dartry sooner and we could have sent all our children there.

I believe that her time spent at Bambini was the nicest journey into school that Emily could have had. The singing and dancing, artwork, awareness of the world around them and the world at large was all incorporated into a fantastic 3 and a half hours each day and I wish Lucy and her team every good wish for the future.

Bambini was the perfect ‘first school’ experience for our children – exactly what we would all want. They loved going and learnt so much on such a range of topics. I nearly fell over when my just 3 year old starting talking to me about the continents. It made us much more willing to talk to them about more complicated subjects and realise how fascinated they are by the world. The calm loving atmosphere brought out the best in both our boy and girl. I am not musical and haven’t done much with the children previously and so really enjoyed seeing how much the children loved learning music and seeing instruments played. The teachers impressed me enormously with their rapid understanding and knowledge of our children and also their gentle, patient ways.Now when I am about to raise my voice or get cross with the children I think ‘What would Lucy do?’ and try to gain the calm control that she has.. doesn’t always work! The children loved their daily football sessions in the garden and gym in the hall, great to know that they were well worn out by the time pick up came. We still talk about Bambini now, today they were chatting about when the Gruffallo came to school and how Patrick sat on Lucy’s lap because he was a bit scared!